BBQ under the Stretch Tent©

  • 収容人数

    Maximum Capacity: 20 guests

  • WIFI

    Wifi connectivity

  • ストレッチ点と

    Enjoy BBQ with Wooden deck and Stretch Tent©
    regardless of weather conditions

  • BBQ機材

    Rental fire pits and BBQ grills
    are also available.

  • 炊事場

    Outdoor cooking area with hot water access

  • 食材

    Food plan is available (*please check BBQ set option)


Enjoy the BBQ site under a stretch tent with a scenic view of Mt. The site accommodates up to 20 people, and we offer a special plan including charcoal, stove, cooking utensils, and more.

The original stretch tents have roots in the dwellings of nomads in the desert. Originating from South Africa, these large tents are robust and flexible, featuring a thick stretch material supported by poles and tensioned with ropes from all sides. In the mood is an authorized distributor/exhibitor for Stretch Tent Company, providing a luxurious BBQ space under a stretch tent.

アOur facilities are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels, allowing you to enjoy BBQs and various activities regardless of weather conditions. Explore our premises, including a cooking area, hot water toilets, and shower rooms available for a fee.

* You must use our BBQ Equipment Rental Set(Currently, no outside equipment is allowed into the facility due to facility management, fire prevention, adherence to fire laws, insurance, etc.)


Amenities and facilities provided

  • Seasonings (salt, pepper, sugar, coarsely ground pepper, soy sauce, sauce, mirin, cooking sake, vinegar, salad oil, olive oil, raayu)

  • Tongs and lighter

  • Kitchen knife, fruit knife, cutting board, scissors

  • Rice spoon, chopsticks

  • Peeler, grater

  • Wine opener, can opener

  • Frying pan, Gyohira pot, large bowl, small bowl, pot, pan, Spatula, measuring cup, whisk

  • Fork, knife, large spoon, small spoon

  • BBQstove

  • net

  • tongs

  • gas burner

  • 3 kg of charcoal, igniter

  • aluminum yakisoba plate

  • cup, plate, chopsticks


  • ■ Snow Peak BBQ Equipment Rental Set
    Price: 5,500 yen / 1 day

    stove, net, tongs, 3 kg of charcoal, igniter, cup, plate, chopsticks, and aluminum yakisoba plate.
    ※ BBQ food plan is available.

  • ■ Lake Yamanakako's No.1 Nagaike Butcher Shop BBQ Set
    Price: 3,800 yen / 1 person

    Includes: 5 kinds of special meat, 2 kinds of seafood, wiener, vegetables, fried noodles, seasonings (salt, pepper, sauce)
    ※ Orders must be placed at least 3 days prior to check-in date, minimum order is 2 servings, and cancellation within 3 days will be charged to the customer in full.

  • ■ Sauna Rental Set
    *Last acceptance until 18:00.

    Barrel Sauna
    Price: ¥10,000 per use

    Tent Sauna
    Price: ¥8,000 per use

    (Up to 4 persons, 5 or more persons +¥1,500/person)
    2 hours time limit, firewood, all necessary sauna items, towel, and one drink per person.

    Guests are required to bring: sandals, swimsuit or T-shirt, and shorts.

    *Please note that, for facility management and fire prevention purposes, bringing BBQ stoves, fire pits, or other equipment into the facility is not allowed.

    *Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your requested date, time, or type of sauna depending on availability.
    Please understand this in advance. Please wait for our reply after your inquiry.

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BBQ inquery

About Price:
   5,000 yen for up to 2 people +¥2,500/person
  BBQ Equipment Rental set: ¥5,500
       For accurate assistance, please specify the date and the number of guests.



    If you would like to order food plan, please enter so in the form. (Please let us know at least 3 days in advance. In case of cancellation, a fee will be charged.)

    Please understand that we may not be able to meet your requested date or timedepending on availability. Please wait for our reply after your inquiry.



    • チェックイン Opening time: after 10:00 a.m.
    • チェックアウト Closing time: 6:00 p.m.

    Health & Safety

    • アクセシビリティ Wheelchair access is available, but there are some steps.

    Cancellation Policy

    • 返金 Refund:
      15 days or more prior: 100% of the room charge

      7 to 14 days prior:
      50% of the room charge

      1 to 6 days prior:
      0% of the room charge

      On the day of sta or No-show:
      0% of the room charge